Choose Your Box


Subscriptions are currently unavailable. 



There are three subscription options for you; the Mini Subscription and the Full Subscription for Mini Zoologists and the Cub Club subscription for Under Threes. 


Make sure you select the age category you require for a full subscription and let us know their first name so we can address the box to them! 

Mini Subscriptions have the same animal learning facts but without the additional gifts. Great for those on a small budget!


Before receiving their first box, your Mini Zoologist will have a Welcome Lanyard arrive through the door for them to personalise; ready to collect their badges! 

Important Information regarding Subscription boxes and Gift boxes

Subscription boxes and gift boxes bought by the 20th of the month will receive the following month's box. 
For example, if a gift box or subscription box is bought on the 16th of February, you will receive the March box. If bought on the 23rd February, you will receive the April box.

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