The Cub Club is the new collection for tiny Zoologists aged 3 and under! 

Inside this animal exploration box will be:

A beautifully handcrafted, wooden Holztiger model. (Approx RRP £11.00)

A wooden puzzle to promote hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills. (Approx RRP £10)

A board book that relates to the animal of the box. (Approx RRP £7.00-£10.00)

Textured items to stimulate sensory needs, linking to the animal, such as faux fur/feathers/faux leather etc. (Approx RRP £5.00)

Plus one additional item to stimulate development and learning. (Approx RRP £5.00)

Adult supervison is vital when giving toys to your baby, especially as this box features a range of items suitable up to age 3.

NB: This is a one off purchase. Please visit subscriptions to set up a monthly subscription to the Cub Club.


The Cub Club Tiny Zoologist Box

  • Currently only available in the UK

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