Our boxes are carefully curated to allow children to learn about the wildlife we share our planet with, but also, to enjoy creating and playing. They will enjoy building up a collection of facts and friends that they will want to share with you at home. Designed to inspire children about the natural world; we select high quality books and use a range of quality companies to find the best products for your children to enjoy.

When you place your order, your child's Wild at Home Mini Zoologist Lanyard will make its way to them ready for their first box.


In our boxes you will find:

An Animal

button badge to collect that can be attached to their lanyard.

A high quality animal friend chosen from one of our many suppliers.

A selection of high quality photographs of the animal accompanied by an informative fact card.

A brilliant, hand-picked book that features our chosen animal.

At least 2 additional items e.g. stationery, arts and crafts, giftware, gadgets etc.

Every fourth box receives a Level Up badge too!

Sometimes we will have offers from Zoos and Wildlife parks to share in your box too!

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